【Full copper lamp] Mysterious feng shui lighting layout brings you good fortune

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-29
How to lay out all-copper lamps for home decoration so as not to destroy the feng shui of the home environment? Here, please go with the editor to have an understanding. According to a well-known feng shui master, a good feng shui layout of all-copper lamps will bring good luck to the decoration owners and make the owners' career develop greatly; However, if the owner violates the taboo of feng shui when arranging all-copper lamps, it will have a bad impact on the owner. For individuals, the feng shui requirements for assisting the cause are different, and the feng shui layout of all-copper lamps is different. Feng shui layout method of all-copper lamps for Financial Management: main principles: yellow light and white light. According to Feng Shui, white light volatilizes the energy of consciousness and makes you wise and correct in making financial decisions. On the contrary, Huang Guang is a kind of energy for making money, so that you can make a profit through financial management. It is worth noting that the purpose of the lucky light is not to use the lighting, but to generate energy to help hold the Treasury and continue to make money. Specifically, the lucky lighting layout of all-copper lamps in our home environment should be carried out according to the following methods. The main lighting of the study, kitchen, and dressing table must use rational white light to help financial management to be more calm and not to spend money, and to have a clear mind to manage money. In the right place in the study, kitchen, dressing table and other spaces, a lucky light with yellow light is arranged. Either a wall lamp is arranged on the wall, a desk lamp is placed in the dining table, wine cabinet and other places, or a floor lamp is added on the ground, which can stimulate open interpersonal and business relationships and make money profitable, or recruit the help of the nobles in money and wealth. Note: If the lampshade is selected to help people who have difficulty in obtaining money, triangular, pentagonal, hexagonal and octagonal full copper lamp shapes can be used to break through the difficult situation. The main light source is mainly white light or warm white light in the living room, dining room and other places of your own home. In the choice of the appearance of all-copper lamps, do not choose all-copper lamps that are too complicated and smooth. However, we should choose some simple and competitive all-copper lamps. Simple steps to change the operation of all-copper lamps: first, decorate a yellow ceiling lamp or chandelier near the door of the bedroom that is in charge of the family's work or personal work and career, either a yellow wall lamp, so that the range of this yellow light energy can shine to the door. In addition: decorate a projection lamp on the ceiling outside the door and put the lamp on the head of the door, which will help you bring a raise in the workplace.
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