Full copper lamp astigmatism

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-16
The lighting of all-copper lamps is divided into direct lighting and semi-direct lighting, as well as indirect lighting and semi-indirect lighting. Today, the author makes a simple analysis of the lighting of all-copper lamps from all directions. Direct illumination of all copper lamps: all or more than 90% of the light source is directly projected onto the illuminated object. It is characterized by high brightness, giving people a bright and compact feeling. But there is strong glare and shadow, not suitable for direct contact with the line of sight. Bare fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps are of this category, as are opaque lampshades on the upper part of bulbs and desk lamps with lights directly down to the working surface. Semi-direct illumination of all-copper lamps: 60% to 90% of the light source is directly projected onto the illuminated object, while 10% to 40% are projected onto the illuminated object after reflection. Its brightness is still larger, but softer than direct lighting. Lamps with translucent plastic and glass as lampshades are of this type. Indirect illumination of all-copper lamp: More than 90% of the light from the light source first shines on the wall or ceiling, and then reflects to the illuminated object. The light is weak, the light is soft, there is no glare and obvious shadow, and there is a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere. Chandeliers and wall lamps with lampshades facing upwards belong to this category. Semi-indirect illumination of all-copper lamp: more than 60% of the light from the light source is reflected on the illuminated object after reflection, and only a small amount of light is directly directed at the illuminated object. It is brighter than indirect lighting. Diffuse lighting: translucent frosted glass cover, milky white cover or special grille are used to make the light diffuse in multiple directions. The light is soft and has good artistic effect.
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