【Full copper lamp] Appreciation of award-winning works in 2013 China International Lighting Design Competition

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-02
The annual China International Lighting design competition was launched in April 2, 2013. In the competition that lasted for half a year, the organizing committee has successively held 5 national solicitation tours of 267 shortlisted works of various lamp design works in Shanghai, Beijing and other places. At the same time, it has carried out physical objects or pictures to display. The judges of the organizing committee fully listened to the opinions of the professional and amateur audiences in the tour. In combination with the opinions of relevant experts, a total of 89 physical works and 69 creative works passed the preliminary examination. Until October 18- 19 day in 12th session of the lighting fair in Zhongshan Ancient Town. Open as this lighting lamps design competition final also opened the curtain, the China Lighting Electrical Appliances Association organized 7 Well-known experts from related industries from all over the country to conduct on-site inspections, concentrated discussions and evaluations of various works that passed the preliminary examination. Finally, one first prize work, three second prize works, five third prize works and ten excellent prize works are determined; 10 outstanding creative awards for creative works. Please follow 【Snooker all copper lamp]To appreciate these rare works. The first prize work, the name of the work: Galaxy series, unit: Zhongshan xinteli lighting Appliance Co. , Ltd. Expert comments: This lamp uses a group of high and low scattered chandeliers to make the whole lamp look at random; The lamp body is slim and graceful and has two-way light transmission, which has strong dynamic feeling. People can create a variety of modeling combinations by adjusting the hanging wire at will, thus achieving the effect of creating different home artistic conception. Second prize winning works: name of work: Yuhuchun ceramic desk lamp, unit: shangshun lighting (China) Co. , Ltd. expert comment: This work is controlled by touch control technology on the ceramic lamp body. Its brightness and color temperature control can be adjusted according to human needs. At the same time, this lamp is made of blue and white porcelain with Chinese characteristics; It is the main design element, thus realizing an organic combination of traditional modeling and modern technology, which is both beautiful and practical. Name of work: Retractable rotating embedded LED lamp, unit: Nanjing CLP panda Lighting Co. , Ltd. Expert comments: the biggest feature of this lamp is that it can realize many functions such as expansion, rotation and so on, which were previously realized by complicated modeling, and can adjust the lighting angle 360 no dead angle. At the same time, ventilation and convection can be used to dissipate heat, so that the heat dissipation effect of the lamp can reach the best state. Name of work: modular intelligent street lamp, unit: Anshang (Zhangzhou) Science and Technology Co. , Ltd. Shenzhen ruipin Science and Technology Co. , Ltd. Expert comments: This street lamp adopts modular design, with simple and vivid shape and reasonable structure. Its greatest physical value lies in its convenience for function expansion, maintenance and replacement.
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