Fu Fu GOLF Villa Li Zhai full copper lamp installation end

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-23
After 10 days of intense installation and commissioning, Chongqing Yufu GOLF Villa Li Zhai all-copper lamp, in the efforts of the lamplight professional installation team, was successfully installed yesterday, and a successful power-on. Li Zhai living room hollow copper chandelier is designed by our company for its tailor-made, this custom copper lamp diameter 2 meters, height up to 2. 5 meters. The design of lampshade is inspired by trumpet flowers. The whole lamp gives people a natural and generous feeling. In addition, the professional lighting designers of Lamma have different decoration styles and different functional areas and decoration requirements according to their villa decoration styles. We used our mature stereotyped copper lamp products for decoration respectively, which finally achieved the finishing touch on the whole decoration.
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