From 2018 Hong Kong ZhanKan lighting industry in the future

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-27
From future 0-0 years Hong Kong ZhanKan lighting industry - - - - - - This year's Hong Kong exhibition with the usual, like the tide of people, let a person feel more, the number of exhibitors from the subway station to the booth in just a few hundred meters of a road is up more than ten minutes, because there are too many people do. The three most famous lighting industry exhibition: it is a fair in Frankfurt, Germany, on behalf of the world's science and technology, the most high-end, the forefront of the exhibition; Second, in the exhibition, guangzhou is the bridge of domestic enterprises into the international and domestic markets, mainly in the domestic market, at the same time attract customers surrounding countries; The Hong Kong exhibition is foreign companies enter the Chinese market and the bridge of the Chinese enterprises to enter the foreign market; Three big show their orientation is different, the function is different. Merchants at home and abroad are facing a serious surplus of lighting products, enterprises and merchants all hope to find new partners from the exhibition, find effective competitive products, the falling of price for old products, factory continuously introduce new products to maintain the normal development of the enterprise; But due to the trade and the global economic slowdown and the reason for the LED life growing, global market is facing unprecedented pressure. Falling from the yuan's exchange rate and national promotes the rebate of the lighting products, lighting products outlet pressure is more and more big, the enterprise operating pressure is more and more big. Manufacturers and merchants are looking for new breakthrough and a new equilibrium. Many factories from product modeling through ascension, and the ratio of function and so on various aspects to attract customers, win the market. But now the market is not great expansion. A listed company boss told me that the second half of this year health concept and desk lamp lighting products is getting better and better to sell, ready for mass production next year this aspect of the product to change the present poor profit. In fact, if from the point of view of lighting market, the market has serious saturation, LED and longer service life, signal industry recession faster and faster. But if the market from the point of view of health, % of lighting products on the market are faced with change, that is, the pull of the billions of market capacity. Because of a large number of circulation LED products on the market are widespread the problem of high blue light, red light too little; And energy-saving lamps is the lack of spectrum serious, severe stroboscopic, ultraviolet leakage risk; These lighting products are seriously affect people's health. Now some light lighting and what is the difference between both health and health? Can be expressed with a formula: healthy lighting = visible light, and light health = ir + visible light ( Health lighting) + uv; And visible light only accounted for about 0% sunlight spectrum. Each spectrum of sunlight to the human body has a different role, such as infrared spectrum is to increase the person's immunity and increased disease resistance; Ultraviolet radiation sterilization, promote the synthesis of human body of vitamin D, prevent rickets. “ The sunshine, healthy & throughout; Run health, go to the market, in view of the different people need different spectral combination, up from lighting light health, the market capacity will expand more than ten times, namely trillions scale. So, the big three abandoned lighting plate, lighting industry is winter, the momentum downward, and health industry is the most business opportunities for the future, healthy lighting is just beginning and health industry in the future a brilliant light. The previous: the city level and its corresponding urban lighting planning difference resolution next article: LED lighting to understand correctly the induced health product recommendations
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