Four kinds of Chinese chandeliers have their own advantages. Which one is your dish?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-03
The feeling of Chinese chandeliers is full of Chinese traditional charm, giving people a sense of history, and the Chinese chandeliers are also changeable, people can always use a pair of skillful hands to interpret it in different ways. Today, I told you what the characteristics of this kind of Chinese chandelier are. I believe there is always one you want. Wooden Chinese chandeliers are common to all wooden Chinese chandeliers, especially in some more formal and exquisite places. Solid wood Chinese chandeliers are very popular, the craftsmanship of this kind of Chinese chandelier is stronger than the style, which plays a very important decorative role and is also a pursuit of life taste. Sheepskin Chinese chandelier sheepskin Chinese chandelier expresses a kind of soft beauty. The sheepskin Chinese chandelier is soft in light and warm in color. It is installed at home, giving people a warm and quiet feeling. Some even painted on the sheepskin lamps, tracing the Chinese classical mountains, water and people on the lamps, making people feel refreshing, making the sheepskin Chinese chandelier more distinctive. When it comes to Chinese chandeliers, Chinese lamps will think of Chinese elements. Ceramics is an indispensable topic in Chinese elements. Ceramics itself is a unique culture of China, the Chinese chandelier made of blue and white porcelain will make the whole Chinese chandelier full of simplicity and flavor, making the whole home feel full of Chinese culture. All-copper Chinese chandelier copper is a kind of metal with a long history in China. It has a wide range of applications, and Chinese chandeliers are indispensable. Chinese chandeliers made of classical brass have neither lost modern fashion sense, it can also bring people a sense of nobility and luxury.
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