forget the smartphone, the light phone could be all you need: credit card-sized handset that lasts 20 days between charges will only make calls and texts

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-24
The world is already fascinated by \"smart\" technology.
From smart watches to smart kitchens, people are increasingly demanding the Internet. enabled, app-Drive products.
But for a pair of designers, the smart revolution has gone too far.
In response, New York-
The team at headquarters has created light phones-which they claim to be an \"-smartphone’.
Simple credit for scrolling down video-
Card-sized gadgets can only be used to make phone calls and text messages.
It was created by Joe Hollier and Kaiwei tang at Google\'s incubator in New York in the last 30 weeks.
The Light Phone is described as \"your phone is away from the phone\" and is 3. 4 inches x 2.
0 inch, a single charge of 20 days.
The display screen is a point matrix LED with a weight of only 36.
5g and 10 numbers can be saved in memory for speed dialing.
By stripping off these features, the owners of light phones will not be obsessed with constantly checking their phones, the inventor said.
The two wrote on their Kickstarter page that we are not creating new technologies and we are using the best technology available in a new way.
\"We \'ve deprived everything except the phone itself, which is the only basic connection the user needs.
The phone is designed in a smarter way, with simple interface and respect for users.
The equipment is in
Load the 500 minutes, SIM card and the app that connects it to an existing smartphone.
Its inventor said it could serve as a simple stand-alone device for children to contact their parents in an emergency.
The Light Phone can also be paired with another smartphone and used in backup when the power supply is difficult to obtain, such as during the festival.
Or, they say, it can free people from constant notifications on smartphones.
Users can promise $100 (£64)
On its Kickstarter, they will get the device, which will be shipped on next May.
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