For you to analyze the copper lamp of the two Han dynasties

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-26
In 1987, a bronze lamp of wild goose and fish was unearthed in the tomb of the late Western Han Dynasty in shuoxian county, Shanxi province. It was made of copper and made of Hongyan with a crown on its forehead and eyes wide open, the neck is slender, the body is wide and fat, the wild goose beak is open and holds a fish, the fish body is short and fat, the lower part is connected with the lampshade cover, the wild goose crown is painted with red color, and the Wild Goose and the fish are covered with green color, use ink lines to hook out feathers, scales and Dragon lines. The goose fish copper lamp consists of the goose head neck (Even fish) The four parts of the wild goose body, the lamp panel and the lampshade are fitted together. The fish body, the wild goose neck and the body cavity are hollow and communicated. The lamp panel is round, straight and shallow, there are two straight wall rings inside, one side is attached with a lamp handle, which can control the rotation of the lamp panel, and there are foot rings under the panel, which are sleeved along the straight wall ring on the back of the wild goose with the mouth of the son and mother, the copper lamp lampshade is made of two curved screens, the upper part of which is inserted into the opening under the belly of the fish, and the lower part is inserted into the straight wall ring edge in the lamp panel, which can be rotated left and right to open and close, which can not only block the wind, it can also adjust the lighting of the light. When the light is ignited, the smoke is introduced into the body of the Wild Goose through the fish and the wild goose neck, preventing the pollution of the smoke to the indoor air. The four parts of the Yanyu copper lamp can be freely disassembled for easy scrubbing.
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