For large and medium-sized crystal chandeliers, lighting manufacturers like this!

by:EME LIGHTING     2021-03-08
The large and medium-sized crystal chandelier mentioned by crystal chandelier manufacturers here often refers to the crystal chandelier whose decoration project is the key application place. Generally, ceiling and pendant installations are used. In most cases, large and medium crystal chandelier manufacturers do After the crystal ball (sheet), metal lamp holder, and spare parts are ready, they will be shipped to the site for assembly and installation. Regarding how to choose, we have experienced a detailed explanation in the article 'Crystal Chandelier Customization, First Learn How to Distinguish Good from Bad'. The editor has introduced in detail five crystal chandelier selection methods, so I won't explain it here. Because it is an engineering project crystal chandeliers, most of them are custom-made. We can choose a reliable manufacturer as much as possible when selecting. In addition, when we order large and medium-sized crystal chandeliers, we pay as much as possible to require the manufacturer to produce samples that look like materials and quality levels, especially the purity, color, and gloss level of the crystal ball itself. Regarding the installation of large and medium-sized crystal chandeliers, everyone has mentioned that the overall transportation of the lamps is relatively difficult, so many of them were assembled on the spot and then went up to Liangshan. This involves such many problems: installation of special tools, manpower, adjust. Installing special tools in the low-rise space, it is very likely that only a herringbone ladder can be taken down. However, large and medium-sized crystal chandeliers usually involve relatively tall and large spaces such as hotels, restaurants and office buildings. Steel-tube scaffolding, lifting equipment in the room, pulleys and other large and medium-sized weapons and equipment are usually used. The rental cost of this special tool is also relatively high. Therefore, we will definitely mention this content before we do service projects for customers. The installation manpower is average, for the purpose of safety and high efficiency, everyone must have some electrician knowledge to install large and medium crystal chandeliers. Sometimes a set of large and medium-sized crystal chandelier may use hundreds or thousands of crystals. If it can be installed by one person, it is likely to have to be installed for a week. Moreover, the volume and net weight of some crystal chandeliers after detailed assembly are very large, and one or two people can't put them on Liangshan. For example, the set of lights in the picture is made of marble stainless steel plates, with a diameter of 2m, and its individual net weight is about 300KG. At that time, steel pipe scaffolding and pulleys were used, and one set of lights was equipped with five construction teams. Illumination adjustment Illumination detection is an indispensable process for all lamps and lanterns installation, and it is also essential for large and medium-sized crystal chandeliers. As large and medium-sized crystal chandeliers usually have dozens or more than one hundred light sources, a large number of cables are matched. Although we will carry out inspections on the lamps when we are in the original factory, the shaking in the middle of the long-distance freight may cause some components and routes to become loose. Therefore, we must carry out another test before and after the lamps are on the Liangshan. If there is any problem, we will continue to check and adjust until there is no problem at all.
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