five airplanes in new york area hit by laser lights, faa says

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-17
Alice PopoviciNEW York (Reuters)-
Federal authorities said on Friday they were looking for those responsible for the use of green lasers on five aircraft flying over Long Island and New Jersey in New York the night before, endangering aviation safety.
The lights hit four planes flying at a height of about 8,000 feet months in tewareg farmendale, New York, at about 9: 30 p. m. m. EST and 10 p. m.
A plane flying Southwest of John F.
Kenny Airport around 11: 30. m.
The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement.
No one was injured in the incident.
These flights include American Airlines 185, U. S. space shuttle 4213, Delta Airlines 2292 and 2634 flying over Long Island, and Sun National Airlines 249 flying over New Jersey.
Nassau County police in New York State and New Jersey police say they are working with the FAA to investigate, but do not provide any details immediately.
The FAA said on its website that targeting the laser indicator at the aircraft is \"a serious safety risk\" because it can \"completely disable the pilot \".
So far, the agency has recorded 1,976 laser incidents nationwide, including 36 at LaGuardia Airport and 3 at John F.
JFK International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport are 21 each.
About 3,894 incidents were reported last year, 10 times more than the 384 recorded in 2006.
During the March, New York City authorities arrested a man who believed he had targeted a plane and two police helicopters with a laser at the Bronx apartment, injuring the pilot\'s eyes. According to the New York Police Department.
Among other charges, he was charged with a felony attack.
Laser exposure to a plane is a federal offence, with a maximum penalty of $250,000 and a five-year prison term. (
Edited by Frank McGurty and Bill Trott)
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