Fill in the blanks of zigong building lighting industrial park

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-25
Fill in the blanks of zigong building lighting industrial park 0 0 - According to incomplete statistics, as China light city, zigong needs from the outside a year nearly 000 million yuan purchase of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Nowadays, zigong lantern has 0 to many countries and regions in five continents in the world and exhibited more than 00 domestic large and medium-sized cities, occupy about 0% of the domestic market, 0% of the international market, but without a scale, clustering, cooperate with professional lighting lighting industry. 0, zigong investment seminar and project signing ceremony, forum guests, secretary-general of China lighting academy's DouLinPing introduction, zigong is creating lighting lighting industrial park fill this gap. It is understood that the project is expected to total investment of 0 billion yuan, strive for years to build, after the annual output can reach 0 billion yuan of above. Zigong city and zhongshan city lighting electric appliance industry association is lighting research and development manufacturing, cultural creative lighting to enhance cooperation, construction & other; Three main functional areas, a comprehensive supporting service area & throughout; 。 With the implementation of the project, is expected to the lights of the traditional craft and modern LED lighting technology, to create new forms of lighting industry in China. In an article: even named praise of hangzhou xinhua web celebrity vegetable market, lighting design level? Next article: inventory in the second half of the eight international lighting product recommendations
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