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If you compare dog training and dog maintenance products 20 or even 10 years ago with today\'s products, it\'s easy to see huge improvements.
Remote training tools (e-collars)
Dog food, medicine and a variety of dog care products have made our dog hunting partner\'s life longer and more productive.
To fully understand these advances, Hound owners need to learn more about the main products that improve the lives of each dog. [
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Trooper has recently launched three new electronic products.
A collar for dogs and geese.
The classic 70 G3 EXP is the simplest model
Continuous stimulation of Level 6 and tonefalone within miles.
The transmitter and receiver are waterproof and come with rechargeable and replaceable NiMH batteries.
The receiver has an of/off button and an astatus LED.
The transmitter can run up to six additional EXP receivers. [
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The new Field 90 G3 EXP has short and continuous stimuli for six levels, each with a separate button.
The transmitter is designed with a compact fixed antenna.
It\'s a mile away.
Pro G3 EXP offers 18-stage continuous power and three strength options.
The collar has separate buttons for six levels of instantaneous stimulation, as well as toneonly mode. The Tracer E-
CollarLight is a light and bright LED light that lets you know where your dog is after dark.
It has three colors to choose from, with the option of flashing and stable light modes.
By using different combinations of colors and patterns, you can identify multiple dogs.
Your transmitter can activate the lights remotely.
The device is compatible with anyTri
The trooper G2 or G3 EXP system.
It is connected to the G2/G3 receiver and is powered by the battery of the receiver. TRI-TRONICS (800)456-4343 www. tritronics.
D. Com DT systemT.
System H20 1800 series is one of the most popular series
The collar of a waterbird dog.
The transmitter floating in the water provides a level 16 stimulus for the collar --mile range.
Both the transmitter and collar have rechargeable NiMH batteries.
In the h2o series, the 1810 has short and continuous stimuli, and the vibration is increased by 1820.
The 1850 has a gap and continuous stimulation with a pager/locator that can be operated from the transmitter.
There are two models for all H2O modelscollar units. TheMicro-
Idt z, another collar collection designed for home and close range use
Inhunting uses a compact transmitter and a light receiver.
There is a level 16 stimulus in Nick and continuous and in vibration.
Range 500 yards. [
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REMINGTON SideKick is a new remote training system with light weight, compact structure and low price
Use a one-time and replaceable battery collar in the transmitter (three-
In the receiver (CR2three-
Volt lithium battery).
The LCD screen of the transmitter displays the simulse level from 0 to 9.
The four program modes on transmission include tone stimulation, stimulation delay, stimulation only, and tone stimulation only. [
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Remington sports dog (800)243-9700 www.
S. Professionals deal with all aspects of the technical GT guidance A trainer series-
From concept, design prototype, field test, pre-production to final production.
Their intelligence led to the first electron.
Collar remote training system based on adjustable vibration. [
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Release Technology (866)795-7387 www.
Release Technology.
Sports dog sports dog has made steady development in the field of e-commerce
It offers a range of multi-functional, functional, durable and affordable products.
Wetland Hunter SD-
The 2000 is equipped with a level 16 stimulus, a replaceable and rechargeable battery, and a 3/4-milerange. The SD-
The 105 series is a simple-to-operate, low-
It is perfect for distance trainers to teach basic obedience at home.
Field trainers-
The 400 is a device for advanced field training and hunting, with a level 8 stimulus, replaceable and rechargeable NiMH battery, and can be programmed for one transmitter to run three collars.
Sports SD-1800 has a 1/4-
Within miles, eight levels of instantaneous and continuous stimulation, tone function and fully waterproof transmitter and receiver rings. [
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Sports dog brand (800)732-0144 www. sportdogbrand.
DOGTRA Dogtra offers four popular e-
Dog hunting collar.
The 200 Gold series is equipped with lowto-
Medium power range for gentle training
Courtesy dog up to 1/2mile away.
Waterproof, recharged receiver collar (
All powered by NiMHbatteries)
Along with nick, continuous and pager vibrations there are 100 levels of stimulation.
The 280 NCP Platinum model has all the features of 200 gold plus a 127 correction level and an illuminated LCD screen on the transmitter.
1900 NCP Star has a fully waterproof collar and receiver, 1/2-
Within miles, the LCD screen is illuminated and the 127 level nickel and pager vibration is continuously stimulated.
2300 NCPAdvance will reach 3/4-
Miles with an LCD screen, you can see all the power settings for 127 correction grades.
The lithium battery supplies power to the transmitter and collar receiver. DOGTRA (888)811-9111 www. dogtra. com [
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GARMIN Astro, a global positioning transmitter on the adog collar, sends the position of the dog to the screen on the receiver in the hand of the dog owner. The collar-
Mountedtransmitter sends a message telling the dog where it is currently and where it has been for the last few minutes.
The result is a track that clearly marks the map shown on the receiver.
In the 2009 s, the collar transmitter became smaller and more durable to resist the wear and tear caused by hounds hitting flooded Wood, passing through corn stubble or swimming through the cat tail swamp. GARMIN (800)800-1020 www. garmin.
Com collar clinic needs a new brand e-
Fully refurbished collar or tracking system oracollar?
Want to repair an old, deactivated remote trainer?
Careful Tri-
Electronics, Innotek, Dogtraor D. T.
System product of new model?
The Collar clinic, which is now 21 years old, can provide all of these services.
Most new products are in stock and shipped on the day of order.
The repair time of Brokenproducts is one week to 10 days turnaround time, 6-
Monthly warranty for any fixed item.
The collar clinic also has a variety of resistance
Police dog enclosure system and pager collar. COLLAR CLINIC (800)430-2010 www. collarclinic.
Com PURINA Purina offers a wide range of products to meet the diverse nutritional needs of a wide range of canine animals.
The company produces kibles, canned foods and other foods for dogs of all breed, age, health history and genetic background.
Purina has a special food and a custom diet to ensure a healthy growth or a happy retirement.
For dogs hunting water birds, the ProPlan series of dried firewood is easy due to high quality, large quantity --to-
Digest the protein and fat content, combined with the exact amount of carbohydrates.
The ProPlan formula has chicken and rice, beef and rice, lamb and rice for all varieties, sizes and ages of active duck and goose hounds. [
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Com Kent\'s local dog food feeding Waterbird hunting dog has experienced different stages of nutritional needs in a typical year, when Kent\'s four local brand dog food is formulated, Kent feed
Local first-class lamb, fish and rice
Adult and young with minimal reproductive activity and need to maintain a medium weight.
Level 2 is a performing dog with normal exercise and occasional strenuous activity two to three days a week.
Class III is for dogs who experience three to four activity levels per week, and Class 4 is for extreme sports or competitions every Thursday to five days. [
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Local performance dog: Kent\'s food (800)552-9620x4539 www. nativedogfood.
LOYALL brand dog food in NUTRENA (CARGILL)
Loyall offers six dog food recipes, each designed to meet the nutritional needs of all dogs throughout their life cycle ---
Including puppies, adult dogs, working dogs, high-performance dog athletes, overweight, less
Dogs with digestive power and sensitive skin.
Loyall Puppy formula contains specific nutrients found in mother\'s milk that are essential for visual and brain development.
Adults maintain 21% of protein and 14% of fat, a natural source of amino glucose, and balanced fibers that are properly digested.
Active adults have 26% of protein and 19% of fat and preserve natural vitamin E.
Loyall high performance consists of 24 percent of protein and 20% of fat, containing organic trace minerals for healthy skin and coating.
Loyall advanced comes with easy diqestable protein (25percent)and fat (10 percent)
, Including natural sources of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for refreshing breath and cleaning teeth. [
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LOYALL pet food www. loyallpetfood.
The Blue Buffalo dog food is the first ingredient with real meat, fish or poultry, as well as whole wheat, garden vegetables and fruits.
In addition, vitamins, minerals and resistance were addedoxidants. No animal by-
Add products, fillers, artificial preservatives or colors.
The Blue Buffalo has nine recipes specifically designed for all dogs from puppies to seniors.
There are blue home cooked food, canned food, blue health bar and blue organic food.
The Blue Buffalo for adults includes chicken and brown rice, lamb and brown rice, and fish and sweet potato recipes. Large-
Formula and weight of mating-
The control formula is provided. [
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Dog food (800)919-2833 www. bluebuff.
Whether you own a dog or a half dog, dog drugs and health spalding labs are flight-controlled
When the weather is warm, you will have a flight problem.
Picking up dog dung in the yard or flushing it out in a concrete kennel can help reduce the rollover, but neither step will eliminate these nasty diseases --
Carry insects.
The Spalding lab has developed a fly Predator, an insect that is released to prey on and destroy common flies and barn flies when they are in the stage of pupal.
After the predator breaks the reproductive cycle of the fly, the flies in the house and barn will be reduced by nearly 100%.
When used with standard hygiene cleaning practices, flight control works best. [
Slightly] IllustrationsSPALDING LABS (800)737-2810 www. 8561. spalding-labs.
In order to protect all breeds of dogs from common canine diseases and parasitic infections, INTERVET animal health products are specially formulated.
The Intervet product line includes canine vaccine, hepatitis vaccine, hook-end spiral disease vaccine, coronary virus vaccine, small virus vaccine, and recombinant virus vaccine (Type 1 and 2)
And co-influenza, as well as other most common canine diseases.
The company offers the treatment to prevent and control whip, wheel, Hook and tape worms, as well as drugs to repel and kill fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. [
Slightly] IllustrationsINTERVET (800)441-8272 www. intervetusa.
Com TRIFORCE dogs are squeezed by the agricultural sector
The lab is the base of pica. fast-acting, long-
When applied to the skin of a dog, a lasting formula that prevents fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes can be prevented.
Finally, fleas will be repelled or killed within an hour, and ticks will die within three hours.
Dogs can swim or take a bath after 24 hours.
Each application lasts up to 30 days. [
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AGRILABS/triangular force (877)734-7665 www. Triforcepets.
From the point of view of any dog, other accessories can be the real next best thinglife bird.
The appearance, feel, weight and smell of each density transformation are as follows (
Added flavor)
A real duck, goose or Highland wild bird. These life-
Just like counterfeits are irresistible in retrieval.
Every popular game bird, from green-
The morning pigeon with wings of Canadian geese and cock pheasant, with a strong foam body, can encourage those eager to enterthe-
Mouth and hard, loosely mounted head, gently convince all dogs not to shake the dummy or the real bird.
Used on land or on water, the DFTs are rugged and easy to throw and can be used for thousands of training sessions and workouts. [
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The owners of most hounds want to turn their puppies into dogs.
Trained hunting companions, but it is difficult for them to find the time, or lack the experience or patience to properly train the dog.
New Books by Tom doken, the owner of dead poultry training products and a leading expert in training hounds, can help.
Tom Dokken\'s hound training: A Complete Guide to Developing dog hunting container training programs designed to fit today\'s busy schedule.
Readers will find that only 10 minutes of training programs are needed every day, and over time will produce a dedicated, good
Polite partner and hungry partner.
The author guides readers through puppy training, Introduction to gunshots, obedience, marking, gestures, and on-line game training. [
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Dead bird trainer in Duken (502)744-2616 www. Deadfowltrainer.
A shot of master Com\'s voice-
The shy dog running and hiding in the ashotgun explosion can cure this terrible behavior through a natural min reduction process.
For 20 years, Master\'s Voice CanineTraining System has been using a series of recorded sounds at low levels and has gradually increased the volume to gently absorb any canine acceptance of loud noise.
In most cases, a few minutes a day for a month is necessary to make even the most sensitive dog numb to a gun fire, thunder, or any other disturbing sound.
Master\'s Voice gun shy therapy system now has a bonus CD for soothing music that speeds up the training process.
Instruction manual is included in all recordings. [
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The voice of the master (800)520-8463 www. mastersvoice-dog.
Deer Creek Highland 2-Deer Creek Enterprise-
Compartment aluminum dog crate is popular for its good performance
Design and high
Quality construction.
The small truck is 38 inch wide, 44 inch long, 46 inch wide and 44 inch long.
The size of the truck case is aluminum-
Double prison door welding
Foam insulation, handle and wall structure that adjusts ventilation.
Each crate has a common fiattop, top of storage with hinge doors, or options belowthe-
Deer Creek also built a luxury dog house for easy check into-
Assemble parts with aluminum skins and bubble plates.
Every house is waterproof.
Repair cover, aluminum chewing-
Proof, double revolving door and a simple-to-clean, chew-
Internal resistance. [
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Deer Creek Enterprise (888)294-6582 www. deer-creek. org [
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Lion Country offers full selection of all themes
Electronic containment system for collars, Hound false and dummy transmitters, canine animals, identification collars, leads, ropes and inspection ropes, dog crates, dog boots and vests, empty and dog training books and videos.
One of Lion\'s most popular products is Lion\'s supply of universal bird transmitters, a remotely activated device with a receiver and a compact transmitter that can accept Dogtra, Tri-
Electronics or DTSystem electronics.
Operating range 250 yards.
Lion supply (800)684-5700 www. lcsupply.
Com final method (FA BRAND)
In addition to the dog\'s field blinds, the dog platform for boats and trees, and the dog\'s gear bag, the final approach also designs and builds the FA kennel cover, which completely covers most of any dog cases
The kennel cover is made of two sizes of Cordura nylon, insulated or non-insulated, with a variety of practical functions.
Thecover has pockets to store training and hunting gear from retrieving fake and whistle to email
Collar and emergency medical kit.
There is a roll on each side and both ends
Adjust ventilation up the flap.
Each cover has a bag dedicated to storing dog food, and another bag with a hydrated bladder to hold and distribute water. D-
The ring is located in the appropriate position of the covered crate at the rear of the SUV truck. [
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Final method (800)423-3537 www. fabrand. com [
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Eli AVERY, four sizes in 3mm neoprene dog shoes, availablein flame orange or ShadowGrass.
The standard dog Pike vest is made of six sizes of 3mm neoprene and is available with shaded grass, breakup or natural gear.
The Avery water platform is designed to keep dogs dry between searches, and the Avery greenhouse gas ground force dogs are blind to hide and protect the seekers in the wild.
Outdoor activities (800)333-5119 www.
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