Exquisite small night lights adorn bedroom of sweet

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-28
Exquisite small night lights adorn bedroom warmth if you thought the night light is just to let you have a clear vision in the night, not scratching the north in a daze, that is some misunderstanding. In fact, in the different environment choice different small night light, can build a different atmosphere. Each have each use in the sitting room, it is a small art show of his taste and grade; In the bedroom, provide the downy light it naturally becomes a maker of romantic atmosphere; In the bar, its beautiful shape and the music of light and color, let you feel and fashion synchronization melody; In the restaurant, but also can create a romantic and warm dining environment, let the mood relaxed pleasure; Children's room, and some cartoon characters of small night lamp is favored by parents, its soft light neither affect a child to sleep, also increased the peaceful and comfortable feel, children at the time of wake up, also won't because of fear of black and crying. Different color different jobs night light is not a single color. The total sum up six kinds of color. White light a night light, the brightness is relatively high, suitable for use in a corridor, stair, bathroom, toilet needs to illumination intensity slightly higher environment. Yellow, pink and blue small night light general build atmosphere suitable for use in bedroom, sitting room, also can protect your eyes, when watching TV in the middle of sleep when not feel dazzling. Light green, light blue, small night light can also be installed in a karaoke room, audio-visual room, in the fish tank and in the ark, also do not have a taste and style. 3 watt night light to ask careful in choosing a night light on a note, general normal manufacturer production of small night lamp is using sanki efficient fluorescent tube, so it has a long service life, can work continuously for 8000 hours or more; Due to the outer flame retardant material, so it is also very safe and reliable to use, the absolute risk of fire hazard. While most of the night light is downy lighting as the main function, but now there are some functional night light, such as some of the misunderstanding, even 3 watt bulbs generate enough heat to make fragrance waft, so most of the night light can change the light bulb, repeated use. Night light is one of the biggest characteristic and energy saving low consumption, power consumption for 1 w, 1 KWH can shine for a year. It is important for families to reduce energy consumption. Imagine a while watching TV, to hundreds of watts of droplight or dozens of tile floor lamp off, change into small night lamp light source, so a year to save electricity is considerable. Of course some night light power consumption on the market for 3 w, when consumer is choosing should ask clear, according to their own needs to choose and buy. Night light products cheaper prices are relatively common lamps and lanterns, ordinary plastic shell small night light seven or eight dollars can buy a; The function of misunderstanding, or delicate cartoon modelling, the design of night light price between $30 to $50, this is one of the high-end products already. Related searches: crystal droplight, European style crystal droplight, zhongshan lighting factory details, please login: http://www. zsgzyw。 com
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