Exploring the spinning forming process of all copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-27
All copper lamps have many lamp parts that are very exquisite and neat, so what kind of technology and technology is used? Today, I 'd like to introduce a new type of copper forming technology for all copper lamps--Spinning technology. In fact, spinning technology has a long history and was first applied in the ceramic field in China, with the development of modern machinery industry and the emergence of high-precision data-controlled spinning machines, metal spinning has become possible, especially in recent years, spinning technology has been developed for a long time. The maturity of spinning equipment makes it possible to produce copper parts with rich and diverse shapes, and gradually becomes an indispensable and important part of the all-copper lamp manufacturing process. The spinning process of all copper lamp includes forging, extrusion, stretching and bending, ring rolling, cross rolling and rolling extrusion. The copper parts have no cutting or less cutting, thus ensuring the beauty and fluency of all copper lamp fittings to a great extent. In this way, all copper lamp manufacturers are guaranteed to reduce the loss of copper materials in production and will be more environmentally friendly and economical. When making glass copper lamp fittings, workers tighten the brass cylinder blank, flat blank or premade blank with the tail top to the spinning movement die (Is the shape of the glass solder lamp accessories mold) In fact, the main shaft drives the mandrel and the blank to rotate at a high speed, and at the same time, the spinning wheel squeezes the material on the rotating core die from one side of the blank, so that brass produces point-by-point continuous plastic deformation, so as to obtain hollow rotating body parts of various bus shapes. In the process of making all-copper fittings for glass solder lamps, the spinning process is divided into ordinary spinning and strong spinning according to the change of blank thickness during spinning. Ordinary spinning mainly changes the shape of the blank, while the wall thickness changes little or not. Power spinning is mainly to change the wall thickness and diameter of the workpiece, and the length of the workpiece will be changed accordingly. These two methods have their own advantages from a technical point of view, and different spinning methods should be selected mainly according to the fitting shape of all-copper lamps. In addition, when making all-copper fittings for some large and thick all-copper lamps, heat treatment of copper plates is often used in advance. The main purpose is to avoid serious hardening of copper plate due to strong pressure and tensile stress during spinning, and heat treatment must be adopted to soften it. The spinning products of all copper lamps have various shapes. Through spinning, various tasks such as forming, shrinking, closing, sealing, flanging, Hemming, rib pressing, etc. can be completed. Therefore, materials such as copper cover, lamp ancient, copper ball, lamp disc, half element, suction top plate, garden back plate, etc. of all copper lamps are all made by spinning technology.
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