Explore the secret of copper strip Hemming of all-Copper Solder lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-26
There are many styles of copper lamps on the market, all kinds of shapes, all kinds of styles, dazzling, cheap, and expensive, as a snooker us Bureau sales, I always hear customers complaining: Why is the same copper lamp, why is the price in your home higher? What I want to say is, because the all-copper lamps of snooker Meiju are all works of heart, such as all-Copper Solder lamps. One of the manufacturing techniques is called copper strip Hemming. When you see it, you will be convinced. The following is an exploration of the copper strip Hemming of all-Copper Solder lamp in snooker. Many customers will think that the all-Copper Solder lamp looks similar in style, and even if the real thing is placed in front of you, you will feel that there is not much difference. But for all-Copper Solder lamps, details always determine success or failure. In order to reduce the cost, some factories choose to directly bend the copper strip to wrap the glass. At first, it looks the same, and there is no difference. If the use time is slightly longer, the copper strip will be turned out, the copper bar and the glass are not completely attached, and even the lamp falls off. The thought of this situation will make the back cool. Snooker is done with enough care in the copper strip. 1. The first is the slot of the copper strip, and the glass of each lamp in snooker is specially opened. 1. Then we press the prepared copper strip out of the corresponding model according to the model of the glass, so that the copper strip can be tightly attached to the glass. 2. Finally, we manually solder the copper strip to the glass. The seemingly simple process is actually made by heart. The manual operation is more in place for the details. In this way, the lamps can not only be more beautiful, but also greatly increase their service life. This is the secret of snooker's all-Copper Solder lamp copper strip.
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