Explain the unique charm of European lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-08
I don't know what kind of charm it is, which makes many consumers like European lamps. Among the many styles, European lamps have been chosen. Whether it is ordinary suite decoration or luxurious duplex villa building, all choose European style lamps. Some consumers say that because of the trend, some consumers say that because of retro elegance, others say that because of wild. European lamps are also divided into pure European lamps and simple European lamps. From the category of lamps, both living room and bedroom lamps have European style. European style has not been outdated since the early days of Europe, because of the classics. When it comes to European lamps, everyone knows that there are many kinds of materials, including wrought iron, Crystal, zinc alloy and so on. I think the most classic interpretation of European lamps is not copper. Because the texture of copper gives a feeling of honor. European-style all-copper lamps do not rely on shiny gloss to win. Its charm lies in the proper bronze color, which is not radiant, but gives people a sense of mystery and distant mystery. There is also the hand feeling of copper. If you touch it lightly, the touch feeling is very mixed. You can't feel the hand feeling of metal at all. Whenever you are close to it, you will unconsciously calm down and enter a state of meditation, as if you have returned to Europe a few centuries ago. European-style lamps are lamps with emotional appeal, which bring not only light to consumers, but also light to the heart. They are a kind of feeling and can bring emotional appeal to our life.
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