European wall lamp with different material shades

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-23
Whether it is a small house or a large house decoration, people will be decorated with European wall lights. They can always be seen on the TV wall in the living room and at the head of the bedroom. Today, let's introduce to you the matching of European wall lamps made of different materials. The effect of matching different materials of lampshades brings people different feelings. The glass lampshade of European wall lamp and the European wall lamp of glass lampshade should be very common. Whether it is ordinary clear glass or diamond glass lampshade, it is the choice of most people, the lampshade made of this material is relatively popular and versatile. It is not so picky for home decoration style and has no requirements for the color and matching of furniture. European wall lamp fabric lampshade, generally speaking, European wall lamp fabric lampshade is more common in the bedroom. The small floral fabric lampshade European wall lamp gives a fresh and romantic pastoral style, and the daughter's room is very suitable. The fabric lampshade is simple and elegant, especially the wall lamp of the linen lampshade, which is full of literary and artistic styles, especially favored by female customers. European wall lamp PVC lampshade PVC lampshade European wall lamp may be relatively rare for everyone to contact. In fact, the lampshade made of this material is very personal and suitable for installation on TV walls or corridors. Before, there were customers who specially installed in the corridor of the hotel. There was no special feature. The stainless steel lampshade of the European wall lamp, there are also European wall lamps with stainless steel lampshades on the market. The wall lamp made of this material gives the impression that it is full of fashion and has a heavy metal texture. Because stainless steel can effectively prevent water and moisture, this kind of wall lamp is generally placed in the bathroom or toilet and is more durable.
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