European wall lamp knows how to match more 'elegant'

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-22
European wall lamp is an auxiliary lighting decorative lamp installed on indoor or outdoor walls. It is mostly installed on balconies, stairs, corridors and bedrooms, and is suitable for ever-burning lamps. 1. Most of them are installed at the top left of the head of a bed. The lamp cap can rotate in a universal direction and the light beam is concentrated for easy reading; Installed in front of the mirror, the decoration is used near the wash basin mirror. 2. In the residential room, choosing some European wall lamps with novel technological forms can fully reflect the master's cultivation and interests, at the same time, according to different requirements, there are many forms such as direct irradiation, indirect irradiation, downward irradiation and uniform scattered irradiation. The choice of all-copper wall lamp lampshade also needs to be determined according to the wall color, such as white or milky yellow wall, light green and light blue lampshade, Lake green and sky blue wall should be used, it is advisable to use a milky white, light yellow, and tawny lampshade. In this way, a large-area color wall covering is decorated with a wall lamp, giving a sense of elegance and freshness. 3. The installation height of European wall lamps with artistic appeal should not exceed 1. 8 meters high. If it exceeds 1. The 8 m only plays an extended role in ceiling irradiation. And lose other effects on the function of the room. It should be used with caution or not in narrow walkways or other spaces with relatively small plane sizes.
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