European wall lamp installation height Raiders

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-22
European wall lamp is a very versatile lamp in home decoration. It can not only play the role of auxiliary lighting, but also play a very important decorative role. European wall lamp can be seen in all areas of the home, such as living room, bedroom, corridor and other areas. Today, Xiao Bian said to everyone about the installation height of European wall lamps in different areas. The first thing to say is the living room. Many people will design a background wall. On both sides of the background wall, a European wall lamp matched with the living room lamp can really add to the icing on the cake, then the height of the European wall lamp installed in the living room should be higher than that of the human video line, and its installation height is 1. More. The bedroom is mainly a place for people to rest. At this time, the European wall lamp will be more practical. As an auxiliary lighting, for reasonable lighting, the height of the European wall lamp installed in the bedroom can be controlled at a distance of 1. 4-1. Between 7 meters. However, the European wall lamp installed in the corridor is entrusted with heavy responsibilities; Yes, it mainly provides lighting for people, so its lighting range must be wide, and its irradiation area can be expanded by increasing its installation height, therefore, the installation height of the corridor European wall lamp can be set at 2. 2-2. Between 6 meters.
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