European wall lamp adds new members, which one do you like?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-22
European wall lamps can not only be used as auxiliary lighting, but also play a decorative role. Whether it is the living room or the bedroom, it is indispensable. Which one do you like? New double-headed European wall lamp SB22035- 02B, pay attention to the beauty of details, the lampshade is covered with copper bars, the back plate is the finest place, the thickened copper plate is carved with exquisite patterns by turning over sand, and the lamp wall is a distinctive swan copper design, the pattern is vivid, this European wall lamp is classical and elegant, size: W 315 * H 370, living room, bedroom, corridor are suitable. Simple and stylish white petal-shaped lampshade, retro bronze all-copper back plate, elegant crystal pendant gives off sparkling light. This double-headed European wall lamp is very suitable for bedroom bedside and can be matched with the same series of living room chandeliers. SB50838- 02 double-headed European wall lamp is a gorgeous route, the gun warhead milk white lampshade, round and full, the Great Wall pattern forged lamp cap, selected Oval die-cast copper back plate. Although this wall lamp looks very simple and does not have any excessive decoration, it highlights the feeling of magnificence and wealth. This wall lamp is more suitable for the living room, with an irradiation area of 10-15 square meters. Which of these 3 European wall lamps do you like? For more information on European wall lamp styles, please consult the snooker hotline: 400-800-7609.
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