European wall lamp

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-22
For the customer, it is a very worrying thing to buy a light without seeing the real thing. I don't see the real thing, I worry about the quality is not good, I worry that the installation effect is not good, in short, I have no bottom in my heart. Today, Xiaobian brings you some beautiful European wall lamp decoration effect Real shot feedback. Today, I bring you real feedback on the decoration effect of the European wall lamp on the living room background wall. Generally speaking, a wall lamp will be installed on both sides of the living room background wall in the home, which will play an auxiliary lighting role, the second is to play a good decorative role. Some customers like the European wall lamp that is directly installed on the wall. This kind of wall lamp is almost half a body; They are all attached to the wall and look very simple. There is no extra decoration to make people look comfortable. As shown below European wall lamp SB03109-01 and SB09084-01 installation effect real shot. There is also a common European wall lamp with backboard. This kind of wall lamp is relatively three-dimensional and looks more atmospheric. Generally, when installing this kind of background wall lamp, it will be matched according to the living room lamp, and the other is to directly select the wall lamp of the same series as the living room lamp. The following is the customer installation SB50751-02 and SB50311-01 installation effect real shot.
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