European-style lamp lighting merchants put forward 'four points for home European-style lamp decoration'

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-20
1. Characteristics of European lamps and lanterns. European lamps and lanterns are decorative materials integrating practical functions and decorative functions. As a lamp, it is the main facility for indoor lighting. It provides light for indoor space as a decorative material. It can not only add new content to the more monotonous top color and shape, at the same time, it can also achieve the effects of setting off the indoor atmosphere and changing the structural feeling of the room by means of lamp specifications, installation positions, shape changes, adjustment of light intensity and other means, in particular, the material, elegant shape and brilliant colors of the lighting are often the finishing touch in the decoration of the room. 2. Classification of European lamps lighting is the general term of European lamps. There are many kinds of lamps and lanterns, and their shapes are ever-changing. They are very important materials in home decoration projects, it is also a decorative material used in the decoration of the cage. European lamps can be divided into indoor lamps and outdoor lamps according to different places of use. Indoor lamps can be divided into fixed and mobile according to fixed form, and can be divided into ceiling lamp, wall lamp, ground lamp, desk lamp, etc. according to installation position. The lamps installed at the top can be divided into ceiling lamps, decorative chandeliers, crystal lamps, bull eye lamps, spotlights, mahjong lamps, etc. Since decorative lamps are mainly installed at the top, we mainly introduce top decorative lamps. 3, the selection principle of decorative European lamps, the choice of European lamps should follow the following five principles :(1)Adapt to the height of the room. When the height of the room is below 3 meters, it is not appropriate to use chandeliers with long suspenders and crystal lamps with high SAG, otherwise it will hinder safety. (2> adapt to the face of the room. The area of European lamps should not be greater than 2% of the room area- 3%, if the lighting is insufficient, the quantity can be increased, otherwise the decoration effect will be affected. (3)Adapt to the overall decoration style. Chinese, Japanese and European-style European lamps should be coordinated with the surrounding decoration styles to avoid giving people a messy feeling. (4)Adapt to the environmental quality of the room. In special environments such as toilets and kitchens, lamps with special functions of moisture resistance and water resistance should be selected to ensure normal use. (5)Adapt to the bearing capacity of the top. Especially for the top of the suspended ceiling, there must be enough load to install suitable lamps. 4. Selection of ceiling lamps and chandeliers ceiling lamps are especially suitable for use in hallways, corridors, kitchens and bedrooms due to their small occupied space and uniform and soft illumination. At present, the ceiling lamps on the market are made of glass, plastic, wood, iron and other materials, and there are many styles such as cover type and hanging curtain type.
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