European style crystal droplight is made up of what structure

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-20
European style crystal droplight is made up of what structure: in general, natural crystal, you can see some white fine lines. Artificial crystal is actually made of sand, potash, glass crumbs and European style crystal droplight of at least twenty-five percent of lead oxide mixed burn becomes. These crystal or glass was cut into small pieces and then after grinding and polishing. From the aspects of the more, the greater the ability of refraction of light. Main polished shapes: pear-shaped, pear-shaped, star, button shape, spherical, diamond, heart-shaped, octagon, conical, flower shape, trapezoidal, etc. European style crystal droplight is a made of artificial crystal droplight, with gorgeous, noble features. General modelling is unique, has a high aesthetic value. Crystal is the symbol of purity, crystal lamp act the role ofing also represents the light and hope. Hanging from the chandelier rattled these little thing are not only decorative, but the reflection of lights, a good way to make public indoor bright. These crystal pendant is made from natural crystal, artificial crystal or glass can be made.
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