European style crystal droplight is introduced and used matters

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-19
European style crystal droplight is introduced, and use crystal droplight a made of artificial crystal droplight, with gorgeous, noble features. General modelling is unique, has a high aesthetic value. Crystal is the symbol of purity, crystal lamp act the role ofing also represents the light and hope. Crystal droplight of choose and buy when, besides choosing the right size, shape, etc. , finally, in a few key points of technical inspection. In general, natural crystal, you can see some white fine lines. Artificial crystal is actually made of sand, potash, glass crumbs and at least [ Crystal droplight] Crystalline light 25% of lead oxide mixed burn becomes. These crystal or glass was cut into small pieces and then after grinding and polishing. From the aspects of the more, the greater the ability of refraction of light. Main polished shapes: pear-shaped, pear-shaped, star, button shape, spherical, diamond, heart-shaped, octagon, conical, flower shape, trapezoidal, etc. Hanging from the chandelier rattled these little thing are not only decorative, but the reflection of lights, a good way to make public indoor bright. These crystal pendant is made from natural crystal, artificial crystal or glass can be made. European style crystal droplight 1, check to see if the number of crystal pendant enough, whether the position of each ring is equipped with pendant. 2, check the status of the crystal pendant are in good condition, whether transparent luster, can reflect light. 3, if the lack of parts, or droplight is dirty, should ask professional maintenance division evaluate maintenance cleaning fee, so you can request a discount on the original price. 4, check to see if the copper holder rust over the years. If rust, also want to do to rust, polishing repair. 5, check the wires are in good condition. The earliest droplight wire is made of cotton package, may now have been damaged or leakage, so must be careful, this change will change in time. Note A, do not rotate the light body: when clean lamps and lanterns, don't rotate the light body, so as not to loose teeth, no safety accident. Crystal droplight, check the connection parts: B should check the link of lamp body firmly at the same time, found that the screw loose to conveniently tighten and sliding tooth dangerous spiral of the should be replaced immediately, to ensure safety. Strange shape of crystal chandeliers, keep the bead string flat C: clean strings ( Especially the upper and lower Seine part) Beads found distorted ( With spring button round or oval, easy to appear the phenomenon) Should be adjusted to flatten effect; If it is a 'hook' with flat series, pay attention to the same button on the front of the outwards, looking inward, to beautiful, unified. Zhongshan lighting lighting co. , LTD is a crystal chandelier manufacturers, professional design and development of Europe type crystal chandelier, modern crystal droplight, european-style crystal wall lamp, crystal droplight, zhongshan wholesale crystal droplight, zhongshan lighting factory service hotline: 400 - 0980 - 048 relevant search: crystal droplight, European style crystal droplight, zhongshan lighting factory details, please login: http://www. zsgzyw。 com
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