European-style copper restaurant chandeliers create a warm dining atmosphere

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-23
The so-called food is the most important thing for the people. The restaurant is a space where the family can get together. The warmest and most pleasant moment is to sit around the table with the family at night and enjoy a rich dinner. However, to create a relaxed, warm and loving restaurant, the role of restaurant chandeliers is self-evident. The choice of restaurant chandeliers is reflected in the whole and details. The height of restaurant chandeliers is the primary consideration for consumers. Only appropriate chandeliers can create a warm and sweet restaurant atmosphere. If the restaurant chandelier is hung too high, it will affect the lighting level of the space. If it is hung too low, the dining process is very inconvenient. Therefore, the height selection of the restaurant chandelier is also a decoration knowledge. The installation height of the commonly used restaurant chandeliers is determined according to the floor height of the room, the height of the dining table and the size of the restaurant. The hanging wire of most chandeliers is fixed and can only be adjusted before installation. Generally, chandeliers should be about 55 ~ apart from dining tables ~ 60 cm. The lowest point should be no less than 2 from the ground. , Such a height will neither affect the illuminance nor collide.
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