European-style copper lamps

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-22
With the increasing economic level and the continuous improvement of people's life taste, European lamps are more and more accepted by the public, and the number of people chosen is becoming wider and wider. The luxury and nobility of all-copper lamps are attracting more and more people, because of this, many entrepreneurs continue to develop into the European all-copper lamp industry. They have no experience in starting their first business and do not know how to choose cooperative businesses with small investment and high profits. Snooker Meiju lighting guides you to what conditions you need to join the all-copper lamp. Guangdong Zhongshan Siwei home Lighting Co. , Ltd. , established in 1996, is a comprehensive enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales of decorative lighting products and home ornaments. Over the years, the company has insisted on: new styles, beautiful shapes, and fine craftsmanship; The principle of striving to build its snooker beauty residence; Brand. We will make every effort to create two major European and American style lamps. Our products involve more than 3000 series of products in three categories: All-copper lighting, all-copper home decoration and all-copper furniture. Choose snooker lighting to realize your dream of starting a business. As long as your current conditions meet 7 requirements, we will help you realize your dream of starting a business. 1. Legal or natural persons with legal qualifications. 2. Agree with the brand culture of snooker Mercure, abide by the relevant market management regulations of the company, and actively cooperate with the company's operation. 3. Have a lasting sense of management. 4, have a strong economic strength, have to open a special store 400 thousand yuan or more funds. 5. In the building materials market, decorative materials market or lighting professional stores, there are stores for operation, and the area used for operating the company's products is not less than 80 m² square meters. 6, law-abiding business, honest and trustworthy, no bad business records. 7. Distributors with experience in building materials, decorative materials or lamps are preferred. There are five reasons for joining, so you can't doubt that you have been focusing on the development of copper home lighting for 1 or 10 years, it has good popularity and reputation in the industry. 2. Pay a lot of money to hire domestic well-known interior designers to create the image of high-end lighting stores, greatly improving the product grade. 3. Excellent product quality, the rich product line provides customers with large market opportunities. 4. The company has set up standard image exhibition hall and perfect training mode to ensure that chain dealer staff can also receive systematic professional training. 5. Strong regional protection policy ensures the vested interests of dealers in store design. We will share your worries about financial pressure. 1. Provide store design free of charge, provide decoration subsidy 2, give hanging board support for first order 3, assist in formulating large-scale project bidding plan 4, provide free product Atlas, company LOGO and other advertising special materials. Reimbursement of large outdoor advertising expenses. 5. Assist in handling the backlog of goods
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