European-style copper lamp choice, where to go!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-23
Radish and vegetables have their own love. If you are interested in something, it is beautiful and good. In fact, if our eyes are not positioned, we can see the uniqueness and beauty of more items. For example, there are many different styles of all-copper lamps. Some people like the Baroque style of all-copper lamps; Some people like the pastoral style of all copper lamps; Some people like classical copper lamps and so on. In fact, each style of lamps has different charm. Take the classical all-copper lamp as an example. The classical all-copper lamp lies in its unique traces of historical years. Its elegant and meaningful bearing represents the master's excellent life taste. Then how can we choose the classical all-copper lamp that suits us according to our own taste? Choose the lighting according to the height of the room. European-style all-copper chandeliers are selected according to the height of the room. Generally speaking, the light source is 2. At about 3 m, the lighting effect is the best. 2. The room is only 2. 5 m, then the length of the lamp itself should be 20 ~ 35 cm. 3. The height of the room exceeds 2. 5 m, such as 2. About 8 m, you can choose the general ceiling lamp, you can also choose the length of 40 ~ 50cm chandelier to create a better decorative effect
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