European porch light recommended

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-21
As the first place to enter the home, the porch is especially particular about the choice of porch lamps. Perhaps you will find that many people will care about feng shui. This is indeed the case, especially the elders in the family pay attention to this. Today, let's talk about the secret about the European porch lamp. Let's first talk about the European porch lamp about feng shui. When choosing the lamps and lanterns of the porch, first of all, the shape of the lamps and lanterns should not be too strange, and should be mainly round or square. The weird porch lights will produce a bad feng shui meaning. It will also affect the fortune of the family. The number of entrance lights is also as good as possible. In terms of color, European porch lights should choose warm colors, supplemented by cold colors. In fact, the lamps and lanterns in the entrance not only play a role in lighting, but also play a role in regulating the atmosphere. Warm colors usually create a warm and romantic atmosphere. Bring comfort and warmth to people. When choosing European porch lights, we should pay attention to the matching between porch lamps and space, and at the same time coordinate with our auxiliary lamps. The main light should be large and the auxiliary light should be small. Let's take a look at the matching effect diagram of the European entrance lamp in snooker.
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