European lamps decoration effect display sharing

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-22
European-style lamps have always been more versatile, with simple skills to control the modern style living room, and can control the luxurious atmosphere of the European aristocratic style. Today, I will show you the effect of European lighting living room, maybe you will fall in love with it. This SZ50311- The all-copper European lamps in the living room are mainly made of copper and glass. The glass is Frosted, the lampshade is trumpet-shaped, and it is matched with a curved lamp Wall. The whole lamp gives a graceful and soft feeling. The bronze color of the lamp body and the dark red leather sofa have a sense of beauty. The color matching is neither chaotic nor too light. This lamp is very suitable for living rooms with lower floor height. At the same time, this lamp is also of dual-purpose type of suction and lifting, which is very versatile. Living room European lamps SZ50717- 08 this model is simple, the main feature is Jane European style. Very popular with young people, the white fabric lampshade exudes a full of literary retro style. The all-copper lamp disc looks retro and elegant, simple yet atmospheric. Such a lamp is very suitable for the appetite of young people, and the fashion is full of beauty. If the home is a simple decoration style, the living room with this lamp is the most suitable. SZ50715-06, a very atmospheric living room European-style lighting. Why do you say that. This lamp, you can see the most conspicuous dark brown velvet lampshade. Very special color, generally think this color will be more difficult to control. In fact, it is not the case. This lamp is very suitable for living rooms decorated in European style, especially for those with dark furniture. This combination gives a retro feeling. Another point is that the column in this lamp is very special, not the copper in the past, but the crystal column. The Crystal column has become another highlight of this lamp. The feeling is retro, domineering, and very suitable for Villa living room decoration. There are many styles of European-style lamps in the living room, and different styles have different unique charm. If you want to know more about European-style lamps in the living room, please contact the all-copper lamp in snooker, the hotline: 4008007609.
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