European lamps and lanterns are exquisite, these principles must be kept in mind!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-20
European lamps and lanterns are a common kind of lamps and lanterns in decoration. Many people think that as long as the style is matched, it is really not. There is a lot of knowledge in European lamps and lanterns. Do not believe, you continue to look down! Principle 1: The height, lampshade and lamp ball of European lamps should be carefully selected to avoid uncomfortable glare. Principle 2: The installation height of European lamps shall be no less than 2 from the ground. 2 meters. Too low can hurt people's eyes, or affect people's normal sight and make people feel dazzling. Principle 3: it is recommended that you choose European-style lamps that can be equipped with energy-saving lamp light sources, and do not choose those with plating layer, because the plating layer is easy to fade after a long time. It is advisable to choose metal, glass and other materials that are consistent inside and outside. Principle 4: luxury European lamps are generally suitable for luxury duplex houses, while simple low-voltage lanterns are suitable for ordinary houses. Therefore, we should choose according to our actual situation.
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