European glass solder lamp has been enduring for a long time, it is so capricious!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-21
Why choose solder lamp? Solder lamp is to weld the copper frame together with tin, and then insert tempered glass or sand glass to make the lampshade. The European flavor of the glass solder lamp is very strong, giving people a noble life enjoyment. This kind of lamp pays attention to environmental protection and safety when selecting materials. Copper has no pollution to life and is easy to wipe; Tempered glass has played a protective role in safety. This kind of solder lamp with energy-saving bulbs is simple and energy-saving in home decoration. After purchasing this kind of glass solder, the lamp source at home will be used with low-carbon, environment-friendly energy-saving lamps, which not only have good light, but also save electricity. In addition, the advantage of copper recycling 100% also makes it closely related to low carbon and environmental protection. If one day you are not satisfied with the copper decorations in your home, you can recycle waste at any time.
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