European copper lamp following the characteristics of classical court

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-22
The European chandelier essentially absorbs the elements of European classical lamps and art, and follows the characteristics of the classical court in the design of details, and is refined by modern techniques. Because of its design features and the use of its own materials, the European chandelier reflects the user's life taste and quality to a large extent. Compared with other lighting, european-style copper lamps pay more attention to the lines and colors of lamps and lanterns. In addition to the original bronze, some also use artificial old methods to create the feeling of a long time. There are table lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers and so on in the types of European chandeliers. Among them, the chandeliers mainly adopt the chandelier effect of candle holders, with simple and unsophisticated shapes, which are very common in European classical homes, there are also some innovative chandeliers in the new copper lamp. The materials used in the lampshade are mainly made of glass or fabric, and are fixed and formed by soldering. The original bronze lamp body structure and frosted glass lampshade, together with alternating solder copper bars, make it more magnificent under the irradiation of warm yellow light, it adds a sense of atmosphere and magnificence to the whole space.
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