European chandelier that will bloom

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-25
The European chandelier that will bloom, I believe everyone has some surprises when they see this title, why is it called flowering; The European chandelier, really will bloom, the following small series for the big explanation of this magical European chandelier. This European chandelier that will bloom comes from the snooker lighting manufacturer. Selected H62 brass material, super soldering process, polishing process, pickling process, etc. , to create a solid, anti-corrosion and quality assurance trumpet shape lamp. From the picture, the European chandelier is an artistic beauty. When you put the European chandelier in a warm home, in a warm room, the European chandelier looks like a room decoration during the day; When you turn on the power and light at night, the European chandelier is not only a lighting tool for the room, but also a light in the dark. It is more like a flower hanging from the air; The lampshade with the shape of the horn is just in full bloom than the flowers in spring. The solid and meticulous bend is like the horn Flower Branch climbing and growing tenaciously, showing the variety of He Na in the European chandelier.
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