Engineering lighting selection is no longer tangled, 'artifact' to help you!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-30
Engineering lamps are divided into conventional engineering and unconventional engineering. This is what we call non-standard engineering. What we are mainly talking about now is the general conventional engineering lamps. The general conventional engineering lamps are basically the lamps that a project needs. These lamps are the regular models of lighting manufacturers, and after the customer and the ex-factory price are negotiated. It can be produced directly according to the required quantity. The selection of lights everyone knows is the selection of money and the price. Of course, engineering customers are no exception. Engineering customers do not choose the money according to their own feelings or preferences, they choose the money according to the requirements of the Engineering party. Basically, the style is fixed. Generally, it is to take the sample drawing of the engineering Party directly to find the style, or to find a similar style. Then provide the picture of the lamp to the engineering side, they decide whether the style is OK. It is also difficult to decide whether it is suitable or not without the physical installation of lamps. Therefore, I will tell you the secret of the matching of engineering lamps. Many people in the lighting industry know the lighting system. This lamp matching system is, to put it bluntly, the fitting room; . Whether the lamp is suitable for a certain space, as long as the space is taken as the background, the lamp matching effect can be seen immediately by using the lamp matching system to match the lamp on this space. This is better than using your own brain to feel that this lamp is suitable for installation. Therefore, there is no need to entangle the selection of engineering lamps. It is fast and convenient to use the matching system. Choose something, it will be done in minutes.
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