【Engineering lamps]The 8th winning award was issued-Beijing Light and Shadow Dream won eight consecutive Championships

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-29
Recently, the Chinese lighting Society reported News. After nearly 9 months of solicitation and appraisal for the 8th China Lighting Award, 36 works from all over the country won the highest award of China Lighting Association. What is most worth mentioning is Beijing Light and Shadow Dream Group, an enterprise that has always been unknown to many people in the industry. This time, it has won the award of excellence in engineering design again. They participated in the evaluation of the night lighting engineering lighting of the office building of Xi'an Linyi Yangyang square. It is understood that the China lighting award was initiated and established by the China Lighting Association in 2006. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the highest award and honor in China's lighting industry. It is not difficult to imagine that the rigor of its selection and the intensity of competition are definitely not a simple matter to win this honor for eight consecutive years. Light and Shadow Dream Group has won the award of lighting engineering lamp design for 8 consecutive times, which is well deserved. It shows its profound foundation and strong design and research strength in the field of lighting engineering lamps. Xi 'an Zhiyang square is a large and functional building cluster. The main building is mainly used for the government to handle various services, the affiliated buildings integrate the comprehensive functions of business office, shopping and catering, and tourism and leisure. The difficulty of such a multi-functional building complex can be imagined if you want to plan a high-level and functional project lighting. Aiming at this topic, combining the local government and requirements as well as the characteristics of the building itself, the design team of the dream team of light and shadow, on the basis of the precise division of the functional areas, according to the functional elements of different buildings, equipped with different engineering lamps and lights to realize the sublimation of the building itself; He followed the engineering lighting design and landscape design style to maintain unity, and used the main scientific and technological means to focus on the regional culture. For example, in view of the characteristic that the glass curtain wall building is not suitable for floodlight engineering lighting, they skillfully use high-tech products called Hui taillights to form a light band on this building, thus forming a dynamic artistic lighting effect of the building. In addition, they use a large number of non-standard engineering lamps in the lighting area of the square, highlighting the unique cultural connotation of Xi'an Linyi. Today, Yuyang square has become the gateway to Linyi. It and a large number of projects such as Yuechun Guobin Hot Spring Hotel, Guanghua College of Peking University, Jia Pingwa culture and art museum carry the great tourism of Xi 'an Lintong to build an international tourism and leisure resort; The dream.
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