[Energy talk]: Saving energy calls for action

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-03

On June 15, China’s 18th National Energy Conservation Publicity Week was officially launched with the theme of “Energy Conservation in Accordance with Law and Action by the Whole People”. Under the situation that the high oil prices have brought great pressure on the world politics, economy and people's lives, it is of special significance to carry out energy conservation for all.

Saving energy is more practical for alleviating the tight supply of energy. Recently, some places have experienced problems of tight supply of coal, diesel and electricity. The department in charge of energy production, transportation and dispatching of the State Council has required relevant enterprises to 'strengthen the operation and dispatch of power production'. The whole society must 'scientific electricity, save electricity', and compress high-energy, high-emission enterprises and overcapacity industries. Stop the use of electricity that is not in line with industrial policies and eliminated enterprises, and ensure the use of electricity for earthquake relief, residents and important users.

China's per capita resources and energy ownership are not enough for the world average. Saving energy and resources is by no means an expedient measure, but a strategic decision that affects the survival and development of the Chinese nation, protects the environment, and responds to global climate change.

Compared with some developed countries, due to industrial structure, technology and understanding, China's energy and resource utilization efficiency is not high, which not only increases production and living costs, but also affects the competitiveness of enterprise products. The region is in a tight supply and demand season during the peak energy demand season.

To this end, the state has determined that during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period (2006-2010), the energy consumption per unit of GDP will be reduced by about 20%, and the total discharge of major pollutants will be reduced by 10%. At present, the government comprehensively uses economic means such as finance, taxation, credit, trade, and administrative, legal, and technical measures to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. The energy consumption of power, steel, cement, electrolytic aluminum, ferroalloy, coke and other industries has dropped significantly.

At the same time, the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection among the general public in China has continuously increased. In the past, the common thing in the office was never to extinguish the 'long light'. In the summer, the phenomenon of 'anti-mosquito bites' was opened with the quilt.

However, compared with developed countries, China's energy saving potential in production and life is huge. To tap the potential of energy conservation, it is necessary to resolutely implement the national energy conservation and emission reduction policies and measures, and it is also necessary for each citizen to start from small things and develop energy-saving lifestyles and habits.

To tap the potential of energy conservation, it is also necessary to vigorously promote new energy-saving products and good methods. Taking small electric lamps as an example, if all the incandescent lamps used in China are replaced by high-efficiency lighting products, the annual energy saving will be more than 60 billion kilowatt-hours, which is close to the annual power generation of the Three Gorges Power Station, equivalent to tens of millions of tons. coal. From this year on, China will use three years to promote 150 million high-efficiency lighting products with financial subsidies. After all these energy-saving lamps are put into use, they can save 29 billion kilowatt-hours a year.

Editor: China Lighting Network

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