electric magic: six greatest light shows of all time

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-20
Since the 1960 s, laser shows have been accompanied by music and sound effects, attracting audiences with highly focused dazzling colors.
The first was performed by a rock band in the 1960 s, and with advances in optical technology they moved to theme parks, concert halls and planetarium.
In Paradise Bay, Disney\'s California Adventure Park, the color world projects a laser display onto 1,200 fountains that shoot in sync with lights and sounds.
The event was made up of scenes from the calissic Disney film.
Many glasses are held at ExperienceFremont Street, Fremont Street, Las Vegas, the largest of which is the Viva Vision laser show. With 16. 7 million high-
Viva Vision projects live video onto the world\'s largest movie screen. They have rock-and-
Rolling themes include bands like KISS, Queen and Bon Jovi.
The Leeson Symphony Orchestra on the other side of the world, in Hong Kong, displayed the event against the backdrop of 44 buildings and tourist destinations.
In 2005, Guinness World Records named the world\'s largest lighting show.
This is a great experience if you have a chance.
For 30 years, Atlanta\'s Stone Hill has hosted a fascinating light show projected on one side of the mountain.
The program is based on music amplified by the sound effect of the natural landscape.
Features of the program include:
Known characters, storytelling, fireworks and 3-D effects.
Baltimore\'s power plant is home to retailers such as Barnes, noble and Hard Rock Cafes.
On December, the holiday lights show projects laser and smoke effects on the surface of the building every night.
Dance includes music and fireworks.
Every one of these famous entertainment projects is trying to surpass every new show. Advances in 3-
D and film effects inspired engineers to find new ways to wow the audience.
Look at the computer-
The simultaneous performance of music and fireworks is a truly moving experience.
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