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by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-25
Have you ever thought about selling your company\'s products or services through your website, but you\'re not sure how hard it is and where to start?
This article is not
Technically, and will give you a better idea of what\'s going on behind the e-commerce sites you see and use on the Internet, and what\'s involved in creating and launching your own directory site. (
What is the shopping cart?
The simplest form of shopping cart is a reliable app for programming \"scripts\" or making credit card or PayPal transactions on the website.
If you have ever donated through a website, or if you sell some items on a website that trade using PayPal, you have seen a shopping cart script running.
PayPal is a great way to increase the ability to sell some items on the site and a great way to start e-commerce.
PayPal is a highly recognized brand that makes it easy to implement e-commerce using different e-commerce tools.
Basically, you put the programming code in your website, but your customers are really using an external shopping cart system that is run and maintained by PayPal.
What is the shopping cart system?
The shopping cart system allows you to manage multiple categories of products, sub-
Category, and will provide you with a comprehensive management system to process new orders, add new products, collect appropriate tax rates, and process shipping and returns.
A more sophisticated shopping cart system will enable you to control the design of the website and allow you to control all aspects of the content of the website to help you create and manage featured products, coupons and special offers, make order processing simple and efficient.
Imagine the shopping cart system as a website content management system, and combine the catalog and shopping cart into an application that can be customized according to your brand and grow as your online business expands.
How did you start?
Suppose you want to sell many product categories on your website, a good start is to create a list of all product categories first.
Next, estimate the number of products in each category, or if you are already using the inventory system, you can export your list of products in order to get a general idea of the number of your products when you first go online, the website store will provide.
What about product photos?
High quality product pictures are required on your website.
Ideally, the product manufacturer will provide you with images about 4 to 5 inch high that can be used on your website.
Usually, e-commerce websites will have a thumbnail that can be enlarged after clicking to give customers a better understanding of the product.
High-quality images are important so that customers can see exactly what the item is and at the same time make them comfortable with your website.
Low quality images will make you lose sales.
If you are creating your own product picture, be sure to shoot your product using a seamless background so that there is a good contrast between your background and the product, be sure to use a professional lighting setting, so that the item is OK, there is a soft shadow
How do I create a product page?
A better shopping cart system will allow you to create and add a single product page to your website using the management system.
Using the web interface, it takes only a minute or two to create a new product page, add it to the appropriate category, import a product image, add a description, price and shipping information.
Most shopping cart systems allow you to link products to related products so that when customers check out they can learn about other products they may want to add to their shopping cart.
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