Ebony furniture with this all-copper chandelier is right!

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-03
Ebony is an imported rare solid wood. Its main features are: shiny wood, no special smell, corrosion resistance, strong wear resistance, hard and heavy material, exquisite material, and extremely high collection value. The quality of the home made of this material is very high, and the practicality is also very strong. The cabinets made can be used for decades without being bad. Nowadays, in some high-end residential areas, the new Chinese style is basically matched with this kind of ebony furniture. If the furniture is well matched, what kind of lamps should be matched to be more suitable? Ebony furniture gives people the feeling that it is classical and has a strong cultural heritage. It is perfect to match it with a new Chinese style black copper chandelier. The same color matching is visually comfortable and does not violate it! In addition, the copper lamp itself is high-grade, but also has a collection value, such a match, will be even more icing on the cake! The following is a group of new Chinese all-copper chandeliers real shot effect sharing:
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