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Video: 1. Love confession for technology---[
Rotating LED Ball 2. 0]
2. Dynamic transmission: Spectrum and lyrics-Demo ---[
Rotating LED Ball 2. 0]
3. Introduction to function and Bluetooth connection---[
Rotating LED Ball 2. 0]
= = Hi!
Hello everyone, I am a DIY enthusiast from China.
Look at other people\'s sharing and bring me a lot of inspiration. Now I have to share it with you. If people like nature are good ~ ~ I don\'t know English because of Google translate ~ ~ If it looks strange. . .
Then I don\'t know ~ For the details of the attachment, there is a Chinese document for this article.
Welcome to message me or email me
Mail 542731976 @ qq.
Directory :(A)
Display principle (B)pre-conceived (Iii)
Failure of the first sample and summary (Iv)structure (E)Hardware (Vi)Software (Vii)PC software (Viii)
Expansion and application (Ix)
Tools and materials (J)
Reference materials (Xi)
The LED line can brush the entire sphere because the human eye sees a change in frequency greater than 24 frames per second and it produces residual shadows (
He waved his hand ~).
The ball turns 24 laps per second to display the full picture.
If each circle is an image that moves continuously, it can be displayed in the picture frame animation.
My argument is: Photo: high 40 (40 LED in a row)and 128 (
That is, 128 parts of the spherical point, because 360 °/128 = 2.
8mm width of my lamp beads)
Speed: 34 revolutions per second (
1000 MS/34/128 = 0.
23mS data retention time per column)
1. Maglev LED ball: because when preparing to do rotating LED, you should also have the idea of doing maglev.
Then came up with the idea of a pile of garbage, such as: when the propeller can\'t be hung ~ Then the LED ball, do not control with the magnet, put it directly on the permanent magnet, then the LED ball plus 2 sledgehammer ,~ If the position is not enough by centrifugal force, use the water ball encapsulated LED (
I bought a Christmas ball and bought the sea boss in mm)
, Let him float in the water, can also be converted into a humidifier, let him rotate in the fog water may be a dream ~ ~ 1. Overall structure: Description: proe5 is a 3D model. 0 painting. [figure 1]
Conclusion: look at the kind of hand-catching sample, because the early symmetry and stability are not very important, resulting in the addition of a positioning frame shaking very badly. . .
= 2, base and brush: Description: Power mode: 12v DC → converter (motor ass)
→ AC → Rectifier regulator to 5v [figure 2]
Summary: This is a bad way to switch the power supply, because the current instability will lead to insufficient speed. . .
= Month, Bluetooth location
PCB board shape: Description: Bluetooth location: the middle is the least affected without serious consideration.
Shape: to draw like the moon, then the fat point is not enough. . .
I still want to be a villain bent over to sit on the moon weight ~ ~ [figure 3]
Summary: Because the Bluetooth module is on the center axis, \"always motion\" is relatively speaking \". \" 2.
The 4GHz frequency module moves at this time as well as the debris, and the Doppler effect produces a wave deformation.
You can imagine the error rate test of the communication data of 90 + %. . .
Form a whole, let more pit dad. . .
Add a weight or a large piece of aluminum to work together on The Jump Egg. . .
I left my programming pin even more crooked. . .
= 4, the reason for the Five Corners base: According to my habit, go out: stationery, toys, jewelry see what gadgets DIY bought me. .
But not found ~ After I bought it, I saw a bunch of light rail and control single-chip Motors, which are more serious waste of resources-
More things should be done to make them live better!
Draw a picture for yourself!
Ah, I started my favorite job (
This is an effortless thought. . . )
Quadrilateral with circle? simple! But ugly -pentagon?
Ah, yes, laminated magic, I can go to Taobao to find some small glass columns with 3D characters or crystals or torch or magic wand --
What role does the first layer put, and what position does the second layer put? . . .
Then control their luminous order with audio, I want to switch a button control scheme, just the speed control MCU also has ADC.
Well, a blue sky thought there was a base now.
With the beginning of pain, alas ~ What these useless things can be useful is to spend more time adjusting and can only be adjusted slowly. . .
Rookie helpless. . [figure 4]
1. Overall structure: Description: ① learn from the experience and lessons of previous versions, and this design becomes one.
The hope will be more stable, but also avoid the speed of the single-chip microcomputer and transmission gear.
Of course, the price is a bit of a hassle with the PCB of complex interface design, and even the need to use a cable to connect a socket blocked by the wiring.
(2) considering the weight distribution, the LED lights distributed on both sides.
To this end, add 8, half of 16 and the other half of 24 on the basis of the original 32 LEDs (
3 595 drivers 8 LED for one group).
3. The Bluetooth module can also move the perimeter of the antenna and open a hole ~ (
It is found that communication is not moving, almost identical, but far enough from the source of the launch or the influential. )
4. After all, the brush has also been changed, enough space and convenient for processing. [figure 1]
= 2, the column clamp shaft of the motor: Description: The first is to use the \"dual-axis Motor\" plus
To wear a little more firmly on the motor shaft).
Place the female brass ring on the post under the brush, after polishing, and then add the heat shrink pipe insulation.
But the diameter of the motor shaft is 2.
The column diameter of 3mm and M is 3mm, and thin copper is also added, which may have a small total concentricity. . . [figure 2]
Description: The second model aircraft propeller modified by the folder.
The way of the motor has also changed, because the motor speed is low, so it is quiet and stable.
However, since the axis is not double
Went out and knocked the rotor off. . .
There is no suitable material available for Pain ~~~ = Month, double
Shell structure: Description: start to consider the inner sphere that solves the resistance, the outer sphere of the shell, but actually cause the internal temperature.
So it\'s now a shell in the second election. [figure 3]
1. Schematic diagram: Description: Function block: MCU, LED light, Bluetooth module, clock and temperature sensor, motor control, spectrum. [figure 1]
= 2, PCB: Description: 3D model with PROE convert CAD file 2D plane into board[figure 2]
= Month, tool: Kyle. C51.
Code attachment, is this my second practice hand project? It\'s a bit confusing. Forgive me ~ 2. General flow chart: 1. Tools: easy language: Description: This is a local programming tool, because I don\'t know English is a good choice.
However, it is often considered a Trojan horse to write software. . . Do not worry[figure 1]
= Month, intercepted picture ~
Image Processing: Description: \"Easy language\" command: \"capture screen area\" removes a bitmap and loads it into the preview display of the drawing board. [figure 2. 1]
Description: send or export picture data (
Internal data for MCU
, Need to start the image processing thread for each column. [figure 2. 2]
Description: Here is an area equal to a set of LEDs (
3 74 hc595 drive eight lights)
, The first column of the first four regions is white, and the graphics data is full 0 (
The LED is co-anode, so the 595 output is all low, equal to full light, RGB three-
Color all-optical = white). [figure 2. 3]
= 3, serial communication: Description: communication protocol, see XModem, etc.
I wrote a simple point: PC send format [1 FO (header)2 (
Command bit or package number)3 ~ 194 (
192 byte packet)195 (
And parity bit)]
Next Unit response: normal, error, timeout, serial number error (
When an exception is automatically reissued x times). [figure 3]
1. Expansion idea: 1. Structure: Customized Motor, which can display richer colors when the speed is high and stable (
24-100 r/S can be displayedbit color)
And a plastic center frame, fixed PCB board to simplify the installation, you can also consider it as a whole under the knob mounting housing.
(2) hardware: Turn 8 or 74 hc595 into 24 special chips with smaller LED lights, and then put: 32-bit, WIFI module. . .
3. Software: Make the WIFI version access to the public network, automatically more
Complex Control of platform (
For example, the automatic weather control interface is a network link. The browser opens it. It is a simple control interface that hates itself.
Software should also be installed. . . )
= Month, obviously it can also be applied: ①, simply interact with the advertising screen (
Also rough customer positioning method: chassis is equipped with four 90-
Degree body sensor, eight directions can be determined)
2. New electronic home accessories (
Available Display: Clock, Globe, custom image or animation is dynamic spectrum when playing music ,,,)
3. Ceiling lamps or wall lamps for public or entertainment (
The lights may be more than one combination to complete a substantial pattern or animation together ,)
4. Ordering system in coffee shop or restaurant 1. Tools: Software Tools: Altium Designer draws PCB and Keil.
Write a program, PROE video chart, win8 brings the drawing material of the drawing board. . .
Debugging tools: Multimeter, Oscilloscope, speedometer (
In fact, these are not good, sent to the same serial communication debugging ~)
Processing Tools: welding, drilling, archiving, grinding, cutting ~ = Month.
Materials: stc 15w4k60s4*1, DS1302 * 1, b20 * 1, hd74 hc595 * 15, LM358 * 2, * 1 Bluetooth module, regulator
Color LED * 40, multiple resistor capacitor diode transistors. (
Electronic Materials: about 35 yuan, other 10 yuan of motor PCB board)①, go-
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