Dry Goods sharing: Mistakes in selling all copper lamps and correct sales methods

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-29
Can't you grasp the trend of industry sales for many years? Do you remember the product or have no performance? The customer's question is too tricky to answer? The above three points can be said to be the problems faced by most sales personnel in the all-copper lamp industry. Today, snooker Meizhu all-copper lamp dry goods share the skills of store sales personnel to take orders, maybe we have ended a lot of sales skills and can also identify customers through observation. At this point, many salespeople only see the superficial needs of customers, there is no real understanding and analysis of the internal needs of sellers. Here, many salespeople will wonder what the internal needs are? In our life, we also play the role of consumers all the time. Sometimes when we enter the store, many salespeople just blindly introduce how good our products are, but they have not asked about our needs, such shopping often makes people a lot of fun. When guests first come into contact with your things or salespeople, they will have a subconscious sense of self-protection. The first choice is to look around to see if there is anything they are interested in, in fact, at this time, we only need to briefly introduce what we are buying and ask the customer what kind of all-copper lamp we need to find. At this time, we need to pay special attention to the all-copper lamp the customer has touched or has asked. we can record such all-copper lamps in the following conversation, the note here is to find out the needs of customers because the customer groups faced by the all-copper lamp industry are all medium and high-end groups, some customers are pursuing cost performance, and some customers are focusing on quality, some customers may care more about the decoration effect, and our sales terms will be different according to the needs of different customers. The constant change is that we must first listen to the customers, this is also why many sales talents or big bosses can talk about business at the dinner table. The customer's problem is nothing more than the price. Anyone can buy something that is worth the price. As a full copper lamp salesperson, we should not talk about the price with the customer. Whoever buys things wants to be cheaper, this is the normal psychology that both you and I have. Sales staff will face the problems raised by thousands of customers every day, but these problems can be summarized into two types in the end: real problems and fake problems. For example, can it be cheaper; This is a customary term for consumers. When sellers ask this question, sometimes they just tentatively look at whether the price can be cheaper. Secondly, they are afraid of being cheated, as a salesman of all copper lamps, there is no need to be cheaper with the seller; This problem is tangled, bypassing the price and saying value. This is what all copper lamp sales personnel should do, changing the customer's concern to whether it is expensive or not. Here, I wish all the sales staff in the store a prosperous performance!
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