Don't say that we cut corners, today I will tell you why the copper chandelier is made of iron chains

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-08
Speaking of all-copper chandeliers, many people think that all-copper chandeliers must be made of copper as a whole, including some accessories or something, but this is not the case, such as some screws, nuts, etc, people who don't know about all-copper chandeliers often have such a question. Why don't all-copper pendant lamp chains use copper? Isn't copper more? It seems that there are also grades. Why use iron? Do you want to cut corners and save costs? Today, Xiao Bian tells you why all copper chandeliers are made of iron chains. All-copper chandeliers are generally heavier, copper is softer, iron is harder, iron has better load-bearing than copper, and iron chains are firmer and safer. Therefore, all-copper chandeliers are made of iron chains. So let's not say that we cut corners, all copper chandeliers use iron chains from a safety point of view.
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