Domestic lighting industry hot spot analysis

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-04-24
0 to domestic lighting industry hot spot analysis 0 - 0 years, influenced by the economic environment at home and abroad, lighting industry has entered a few years ago had anticipation of structural adjustment and industrial integration, shuffling stage, the industry should in the first half of this year is particularly prominent. Summary and analysis of the hot spot of the industry, determine the future trend of the lighting industry, lighting industry has important implications for the parties on the industry chain, is not optimistic, doesn't mean that pessimistic. The basic condition of the lighting industry lighting industry output value in the year & ndash; — The 0 0 years years has maintained rapid, stable and sustained double-digit development situation, growth into single digits 0 years, 0 years affected by export decline, 0 years to return to growth. Table - 一: years 0 years China lighting industry sales and export basic keep growth situation, two down it is because of 00 years 00 years falling exports, the world financial crisis is a 0 in the international market demand decline caused by falling exports. Export proportion of basic accounting for 0% of the total output value - for many years Between %. Table - 二: years 0 years export table 3: China lighting industry exports in total output accounted for by table 4 as you can see, 0 years LED lighting erupted, a conservative estimate 0 years LED lighting in the industry output value proportion reached more than %, LED lighting lighting industry has become the absolute mainstream. On a story: a trading company for export 'UL and graphics' trademark infringement of leds being under an administrative punishment: interconnection is bigger than you might think lighting products recommended
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