Does all copper lamp look good with yellow light or white light?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-15
Many friends have chosen All-copper lamps, but they are always uncertain about the color of the light source. After all, it is not professional, and at the same time, it will worry that if you choose the wrong one, it will affect the family environment. So all copper lamps look good with yellow light or white light? Generally speaking, all copper lamps are made of yellow light, warm color and emotional appeal. Yellow light generally gives people a more warm, relaxed and comfortable feeling, which can create a more warm and comfortable environment. Most people will think that white light represents light and makes people feel more spiritual, but it lacks a warm feeling. If your house is not so full of light, you can use white light to build it, so that the light is sufficient and will not be suppressed. Therefore, the color of the full copper lamp is mainly determined according to the actual situation of your home.
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