Do you know the top ten characteristics of successful lighting wholesale manufacturers?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-29
Lighting plays an important role in decoration, and the development of lighting industry is getting hotter and hotter. Lighting manufacturers of all sizes have sprung up like mushrooms. If you want to stand out from many lighting factories, what are the characteristics of a successful lighting wholesale factory? First, the financial strength is strong, no matter which industry, capital is the first, so is the lighting industry. Often the development conditions of high standards and high competition are subject to greater risks and threats to small and medium-sized enterprises, resulting in the inability to face various challenges of the market, while successful lighting wholesale manufacturers have relatively strong financial strength, have enough strength to cope with various challenges in the market. Second, the industry has a deep understanding. As a successful lighting wholesale manufacturer, the premise is to have a deep understanding of the whole industry, to understand it, to gain insight into the industry trend, and only to have a deep understanding of the lighting market, and have a deep understanding of the development conditions, a deep understanding of the market strategy, and a precise strategy of marketing. The development of the enterprise will not be blind and extensive, and the operational risks can be effectively reduced. Third, a complete production system, for lighting manufacturers to have a complete production system to live longer, live better. In the past, why did some small workshops make a fortune and become prosperous, but now they are completely annihilated? The fundamental reason is that small workshops are small in scale and cannot build a complete production system, can't adapt to market rules. Four, perfect management system, many lighting enterprises do not pay much attention to the management of the enterprise, resulting in scattered employees, no enthusiasm, the whole enterprise lacks vitality. Successful lighting manufacturers often formulate a special management system, which can make enterprises have more rules and regulations. Five, continuous research and development of innovative lighting market is ever-changing, style can be updated in a timely manner is very critical, understand consumer demand, seize market opportunities, continuous research and development of innovation, to meet the personalized needs of customers. Six, the layout of distribution channels, as lighting manufacturers, sales channels must be multi-faceted, not only do dealers wholesale or retail, know how to develop more and wider distribution channels, this is the fundamental way. Seven, have the marketing concept, now the rapid development of the Internet, marketing has become especially important, understand multi-channel marketing is the key to success. At present, the scale of marketing personnel in most lighting enterprises is limited, their level is generally not high, they lack marketing thinking, and they stick to the working idea of public relations and pulling orders, which greatly restricts the development of enterprises to a higher level. Eight, pay attention to brand building, pay attention to brand building is an inevitable feature of successful lighting wholesale manufacturers. Branding is an inevitable way for the development of modern enterprises. The branding management of the lighting industry is becoming increasingly obvious, more and more enterprises pay attention to the construction of corporate culture, the transition from the purpose of investment promotion of advertising function to image promotion, and the sponsorship of cultural and sports activities. Nine, strengthen the brand promotion, now is no longer a wine is not afraid of the deep alley era, no matter how good the quality of the product, how rich the style, no publicity, no effective dissemination, no one will know this brand. Only by putting this brand in front of more consumers and letting more people know it can you slowly choose your products and accept your products. Ten, pay attention to user experience now the lighting industry competition is so fierce, different products have different advantages, consumers as the use of products, satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the product is the most say, therefore, if you want to improve your products, you must listen to the voice of consumers, and establish a corresponding service system in terms of experience Care, return visit tracking, and after-sales protection, pay maximum attention to users' feelings of using.
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