Do you know the skills of hotel copper lamp customization?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-03-11
Hotel lamps are usually used to decorate or set off the overall space environment effect in application places. In order to make the hotel's decorative lamps more in line with the hotel's style and characteristics and attract guests, many hotels have chosen customized lamps. What should hotels pay attention to when customizing lamps? Snooker Meiju introduces to you: four factors should be considered in the customization of all copper lamps in hotels. (1) First of all, it depends on the hotel environment, brightness requirements and styles to determine the customized style of lamps. The hotel's environmental design is different, so its brightness requirements are also different. In order to attract the attention of different customers, the hotel can design a more noble style of copper lamps from the preferences of different customers. (2) the material selection of all-copper lamps is an effective guarantee to determine the quality of hotel lamps. If the hotel's all-copper lamps are customized, it is necessary to put forward requirements for materials. If lamps and lanterns made of inferior materials are selected, color fading or polarization will occur after long-term use, it directly affects its service life and shortens the replacement cycle of lamps. 3 Hotel copper lamp custom price directly determines its grade. If it is the same grade of all copper lamps, then the customized price is basically the same. However, if it is a different manufacturer, the price will be different due to different manufacturing processes. Therefore, hotels should try their best to choose manufacturers with strength and good reputation when choosing all-copper lamp manufacturers, which is the foundation to ensure the quality of lamps. ④ The hotel should fully consider the safety of all-copper lamps. Since Hotel lamps are usually made to order and their volume and weight are generally large, safety is the factor to be considered at this time. Snooker Meiju lighting, 18-year All-copper lamp manufacturer, has a 15-year graduated designer from an art college. According to your requirements, we will customize your lamps and lanterns and have rich experience in lamp making, let you choose us with confidence.
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