Do you know the optical performance requirements of all-copper European table lamp?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-19
Speaking of all-copper European table lamps, I believe everyone will think that the lamps are made of copper and are usually placed on the table. In fact, there is nothing wrong with this understanding. All-copper European-style desk lamps are mainly made of copper, while all-copper European-style desk lamps are mainly placed on desks or dining tables for lighting purposes. The bright irradiation range of the all-copper European-style desk lamp is relatively small and concentrated, so it will not affect the light in the whole room. Its function is limited around the all-copper European-style desk lamp, which is convenient for reading, learning and energy saving. So when we go to buy all-copper European-style desk lamps, do we buy one at will, as long as it is easy to read and learn? No, since the all-copper European desk lamp is used for reading and learning, I need to pay more attention to whether it will have a negative impact on our eyes. If the all-copper European desk lamp is written in a normal working position, attention should be paid to the optical performance requirements of the three major points, so as to protect the eyesight of the eyes. The first point: shading, when a person is in a normal sitting position, his eyes should not see the inner wall and light source of the all-copper European table lamp lampshade when looking horizontally. The second point: desktop illuminance, the working area irradiated by all-copper European table lamp shall be 250lx-500lx, minimum illuminance should be ≥120lx. The third point: illumination uniformity all-copper European-style desk lamp should ensure that the illumination in the working area irradiated by the desk lamp is relatively uniform and cannot produce particularly bright or dark light spots. Only by ensuring these three basic optical performance requirements can the fatigue of eyes be slowed down and can it be called a writing desk lamp. Therefore, whether you are buying all-copper European table lamps, chandeliers, semi-chandeliers, and other lamps, you can't just look at the beauty of the appearance, but also pay attention to its function and some functions.
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