Do you know the difference between Chinese and new Chinese copper lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-24
According to the new trend of home furnishing, according to the response of the sales department of snooker, the sales of new Chinese-style all-copper lamps, which have been attracting attention recently, have received more and more consultation and customized calls. We need to know more about such a popular product, today, Xiao Bian took everyone into the Chinese-style lamp design department of snooker Meiju to understand the difference between Chinese-style full copper lamps and new-style full copper lamps: What are the characteristics of Chinese-style full copper lamps: it absorbs traditional decorative shapes in indoor layout, alignment, tone, furniture and furnishings; God; With the connotation of traditional culture as the design element, the disadvantages of traditional furniture are eliminated, the redundant carvings are removed, the comfort of modern Western-style home is combined, and different arrangements are adopted according to different types of living rooms. What is the new Chinese style full copper lamp new Chinese style full copper lamp style: the interpretation of the cultural significance of Chinese traditional style in the current era background; Contemporary design based on full understanding of Chinese contemporary culture is elegant, implicit, dignified and magnificent. In terms of modeling, the simplicity and generosity of Chinese style are expressed with simple straight lines. In terms of color, soft neutral colors are adopted to give people an elegant, warm, natural and refined feeling, which perfectly combines traditional charm with modern comfort. In the houses with new Chinese decorative style, the space decoration mostly adopts simple and hale and hearty straight lines, and some families will also adopt panel furniture with Western industrial design colors and Chinese style furniture. The use of linear decoration in space not only reflects the modern people's pursuit of simple life, but also welcomes the Chinese-style home pursuit of introverted and simple design style, making the new Chinese-style all-copper lamp more practical and more modern.
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