Do you know the daily maintenance and cleaning of all copper lamps?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-02-14
In the all-copper lamp industry, whether it is for sellers or buyers, all-copper lamps are not only used as lighting products, but to a greater extent, they have become a kind of decoration and even art, most buyers often consider the problem of maintenance and cleaning in the future when purchasing all-copper lamps. Yes, all copper lamps are just like our car. We need to take care of our daily maintenance to be more eye-catching and last longer. Today, snooker Meizhu all-copper lamp teaches everyone how to maintain and clean all-copper lamp to make it more beautiful. The maintenance of all-copper lamps is divided into two aspects: one is daily cleaning during installation. First, wax the metal position of all-copper lamps before installing all-copper lamps, the purpose is to let the wax fill the capillary holes of the copper material, prevent it from forming convection with the air, delay its aging and prolong the service life of the all-copper lamp. Second, in daily cleaning, the part of the glass lampshade can be directly shot with a dry rag or a feather duster to throw the dust on the lamp. The dirt inside the cover can be gently erased with a rag or eraser, when taking the lampshade, attention should be paid to safety to prevent other parts from falling off. There is a professional cleaning product for the copper part of the all-copper lamp in the market'Bilizhu; It can be directly sprayed on the rag to scrub, the effect is equivalent to waxing will make the whole copper lamp look brighter, but also plays a role in maintenance. Cleaning and maintenance of all copper lamps are generally recommended to be cleaned once every two or three months. For safety, remember to cut off the power supply when cleaning lamps.
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