Do you know that European desk lamp can protect your eyesight?

by:EME LIGHTING     2020-01-12
European-style desk lamp is used for reading and learning. If you want to protect your eyesight, you must use the all-copper European-style desk lamp correctly. First, the correct choice of European table lamp bulbs, confirmed by scientific research, our vision is the best under white light, so choose incandescent lamp or frosted lamp that can emit soft and uniform white light, don't choose color bulbs. Generally speaking, all copper table lamps are equipped with 25 watts-The brightness of a 45 watt incandescent lamp is the most suitable. It should also be noted here that the bulb should ensure that the bulb is just covered in the lampshade to avoid direct light from our eyes. Second, the height of the European-style desk lamp is very important. When the eyes are 30 cm away from the book, they can see the handwriting clearly without excessive fatigue. Based on this calculation, the height of the desk lamp is 40- 50 cm is more appropriate, so as to ensure sufficient reading lighting and a certain brightness in the surrounding environment. If the desk lamp is too low, the light will shine within a small range and the surroundings will be completely dark. Losing the reference for distant sight will make the eye adjustment systems in a tense and compressed state that only looks near, which will easily make the eyes tired and accumulate rapidly, resulting in light source myopia; . However, if the desk lamp is too high, the light will directly shine on our eyes, resulting in glare; At the same time, close-range glare will also cause light retention on the retina, which will tighten the eye muscles and accelerate vision loss. Third, the placement of European-style desk lamps has a great influence on vision because most people write with their right hand, so the desk lamps should be placed in the left front of the body, when writing, it will not form a shadow on the paper because of the occlusion of the hand, and the light on the paper will not be reflected into our eyes and generate glare.
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